Meet Steve Park-smith

As a dynamic force at Global Vision Property, Steve Park-Smith brings a wealth of experience in the real estate markets of Hong Kong and Australia. Known for his sharp market insights and exceptional client service, Steve has been instrumental in expanding the agency’s reach while maintaining a high standard of integrity and transparency. His expertise in both residential and commercial sectors, combined with his commitment to understanding and fulfilling client needs, makes him a trusted advisor in the property landscape. Steve’s leadership is defined by his innovative approach and dedication to bridging global real estate dreams with reality.

Global Vision Property, Hong Kong 2018-present                                           

International Property Manager, Landscope Christies, Hong Kong  2016-2018                                     

International Property Manager, IP Global, Hong Kong   2014-2016                                                         

Investment Consultant, Infinity Solutions, Hong Kong  2012-2014                                                      

Financial Consultant, Inter-Alliance (UK), Hong Kong & AXA Australia  2000-2002                              

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